22 07, 2020

How STP makes your business tax return easier

July 22nd, 2020|Accounting, Payroll, Support|

Another financial year, another article talking about the benefits of single touch payroll. We know, we know, we’ve already covered this topic before (twice, as a matter of fact). Take our word for it however: there’s a very good reason we’re retreading this topic again. Single touch payroll is a huge help when it comes to your tax reporting. And [...]

26 05, 2020

Ask our small business accountants: 4 key taxes you must register for

May 26th, 2020|Accounting, Payroll, Support|

Starting up your own business is a big decision, and one that comes with considerable risk.  You’ll need to: Arrange financing Find a commercial property Get your ABN and employ staff Come up with systems and procedures Buy equipment and supplies Importantly, figure out what tax obligations you’ll need to meet We know, you don’t really like thinking about tax [...]

27 06, 2019

A business accountant in Melbourne explains single touch payroll

June 27th, 2019|Accounting, Payroll|

When people think about opening their own business, their minds tend to linger on a couple of things: The freedom to be their own boss How much money they’ll bring in The potential for future growth What prospective business owners don’t realise is that small business owners are some of the hardest-working people around – according to some surveys, more [...]

20 10, 2018

Looking to hire? Our small business accountants explain wage subsidies

October 20th, 2018|Accounting, Payroll|

Any small business owner knows that recruiting can be expensive. It’s not just the additional wages you’ll need to pay, either. According to recruitment agency Kelly Services, the average cost per hire is $5,000 for an entry-level position. This number increases with seniority. And if you hired through an agency, you can expect your final bill to climb even higher! [...]

19 07, 2018

Our small business accountants tell the effects of single touch payroll

July 19th, 2018|Payroll|

A new financial year means new rules to play by. If you’re a small business, 2018 is no different. As of July 2018, businesses with more than 20 employees on their payroll will have to shift over to Single Touch Payroll (STP). And all other businesses with employees aren’t far behind, too. What does this mean for your businesses? Bruce [...]