What is Plan BE?

In 20 years, where do you want to BE?

At Bruce Edmunds & Associates, we understand that circumstances change. Our Plan BE program is a flexible wealth development strategy designed to adapt as your personal and business priorities may change.

The main goal of a wealth plan is to optimally structure your wealth in order to grow, preserve, and build it.

A wealth plan may involve a combination of will planning, succession planning, estate planning, and tax planning.

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How is my Plan BE created?

Generally we follow four fundamental steps when we create your Plan BE. This structure ensures we get it right from the start, where we detail your current situation as well as short- and long-term goals.

1. Understand your needs
BE Wise

The importance of a strong client-partner relationship cannot be overlooked. Our initial consultations set the tone for the entire plan, and without understanding your goals, we cannot create a fruitful plan.

Goals include:

  • Protecting wealth
  • Planning for a good retirement
  • Protecting estates
  • Minimising tax

The foundation of a realistic and effective wealth management plan begins with clear and achievable goals. This is an incredibly important step in your Plan BE.

2. Strategise
BE Advised

Complete transparency behind our guidance further solidifies trust and ensures you know the intended outcome of everything we advise. We make recommendations based solely on your current situation and future goals.

We also assess and address challenges, risks, and threats, many of which are constantly changing and present themselves at various stages of your life.

Proactive planning and implementation follows the strategy creation.

3. Analyse
BE Transparent

Ongoing analysis helps us make smarter decisions that offer the most benefits for you and your family. Your retirement income strategy can change as your priorities do.

We document progress to ensure your plan is fulfilling initial goals and needs that we set together in step one.

4. Benefit
BE Wealthy

With the confidence of a professional financial plan, you can continue along life’s path knowing your wealth is being optimally managed and developed.

Prosperity begins with a thorough and accurate wealth strategy, planned, executed, and managed by the expert team at Bruce Edmunds.

Good financial planning eases the stress and confusion that often surrounds finance and wealth. If Plan A isn’t working for you, is it time you considered Plan BE?

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