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Bruce Edmunds & Associates
Business Accountants

All of our client relationships are built on trust. When you trust us you know you can just BE in business…

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Financial Accountant

Financial planning

Bruce Edmunds engages Centrepoint Alliance Financial Advice to provide expert financial planning advice to you, effectively managing your tax, retirement, and investments.

Tax Wealth Accountant

Estate planning

Meticulous estate planning is so important: it ensures your possessions are distributed correctly after you pass away.

Wills and Succession Planning

Financial planning

These vital legal documents detail how your assets and possessions distributed, and how your business may be transitioned.

Family Run Business

Family-run business

Improve the health of your business finances and build business profitability by choosing skilful, qualified business accountants.

Bruce Edmunds and Associates


Bruce Edmunds offers companies a complete suite of specialist accounting services, including comprehensive taxation and financial advice.



From income statements to inventories, manufacturers face differences in financial and taxation obligations to other business types.

Meet the team…
“I gain satisfaction by meeting our clients’ accounting and taxation compliance obligations and minimising tax by offering sound knowledge and advice. I enjoy working together to find solutions that enhance their business performance and future success.”

Business Accountants Melbourne

Established in 1966, Bruce Edmunds has a proud history of service to clients. We are business accountants in Melbourne offering specialist taxation advice and financial planning to businesses and individuals.

Business accounting in particular is future-focused. It focuses on building an accurate picture of your business’ current position, performance and financial wellbeing.

With the information provided by your business accountant, you are armed with the right materials to perform long-term planning, strategise, and evaluate progress towards your business goals.

With a business accountant on your side, your business won’t only have the numbers and data to make decisions – our team are experienced in helping business owners plan for the future.

We’ll use our expertise to advise you on what direction your business should take, and create an actionable plan to get you there.

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Small business accountant

Small Business Accountant

There are many things small business owners would rather be doing than finances. Remove the burden of finance and tax with a small business accountant that takes the time to learn about your business as it is, and where you want to be in the future.

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. Our team of small business accountants in Melbourne take the burden off your shoulders. We provide a wide range of accounting services including:

  • BAS & IAS lodgements
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Tax audits and returns

In addition to helping existing businesses, we also provide assistance for new ones.

We help prospective business owners decide on the most suitable business structure, and assist with the essential administrative work that lays the groundwork for your business.

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Personal Account Melbourne

Organising your personal finances can be a difficult process, especially if you receive income from multiple sources, or qualify for various deductions and allowances.

Where do you want to be in 20 years? Retired? Travelling the world? Earning enough passive income to drop down to part-time work?

Whatever the dream is, Bruce Edmunds’ financial advisors can help by:

  • Managing your superannuation
  • Growing your nest egg
  • Managing investments
  • Reviewing your portfolio
  • Crafting wills and perform estate planning
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Get to where you want to BE with Bruce Edmunds

Accounting is about more than just numbers – at Bruce Edmunds, we believe that it should be focused on helping you grow and achieve your dreams, whether that’s in business, personal wealth, or retirement.

Our Melbourne accountants believe that accurate accounting and qualified financial advice are the key to achieving that.

When you engage our experienced team, you won’t only receive tax advice – we go above and beyond, providing a range of personal and business accounting services that help you prepare for the future.

Whether you need help getting your business in order or need help with your personal finances, we will work closely with you to turn that vision into reality. Tell us where you want to BE, and we’ll help you get there.

Small business accountant

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