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Your estate is made up of everything you own – your house, car, bank accounts, investments, business and sundry possessions. An effective estate plan protects your family and greatest assets.

Bruce Edmunds & Associates’ estate planning services aim to maximise value and minimise taxes. Our estate planning accountants help you plan to distribute and manage your assets after you pass away. With specific goals, we create a tailored estate plan suitable to your wishes, desires, capabilities, and assets.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning ensures that after you pass, your possessions – the things that make up your estate – are distributed correctly to whomever you choose. You might think you’re not wealthy enough to warrant an estate plan, but with other considerations, like loss of capacity, children, assets, and financial security, you will quickly realise that estate planning is for everyone, regardless of wealth.

Estate planning is more comprehensive than a Will. Your Will is just one component of an estate plan, albeit an incredibly important part. A Will, however, is only applicable to assets you own at your time of death. Therefore, accurate and comprehensive estate planning involves a variety of components, some of which we list below. Each estate plan is customised, so when you speak to Bruce Edmunds, we will offer you completely tailor-made guidance and advice.

An estate plan can be made up of:

Other factors influencing your estate planning include your estate’s size, insurance policies and outstanding debts.

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Estate planning accountants

Our estate planning accountants understand the complexities associated with an individual’s estate. We work to ensure your plan will benefit the people you care about most. Our services are designed to protect both your wealth and your family.

Careful estate planning gives individuals the utmost peace of mind for the future, and with the skilful and educated Bruce Edmunds team behind you, you can have confidence that your estate planning is accurate, appropriate, and correctly documented.

Estate planning accountants

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