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SMSF stands for Self-Managed Super Fund. An SMSF is a trust where the members also control the fund.

A member of an SMSF runs it for his or her own benefit, but is also responsible for compliance, tax, audit and financial reporting laws. SMSF’s can get complicated, which is why you need a Self-Managed Super Fund accountant.

Why should I manage my own super fund?

Managing your own super fund requires a lot of research and hard work. However it offers special benefits to SMSF members, including:

SMSF Accountant Melbourne
  • Investment flexibility
  • Increased transparency
  • Greater control
  • Tailored retirement income
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Lower costs

As you can see, a self-managed super fund provides attractive benefits for members but it comes with hard work and can be time-consuming.

You might find it difficult manage your SMSF – and above all, get the most out of it – without qualified expertise of a Self-Managed Super Fund accountant to guide you.

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Self managed super fund accountant Melbourne

Opting for an SMSF is a significant financial responsibility, which is why we provide qualified and licenced Self-Managed Super Fund accountants for Melbourne clients.

You’ll seldom find an SMSF member with the knowledge or time to manage their SMSF entirely on their own without some guidance from a professional.

SMSF members opt for specialised support to:

  • Set up the SMSF
  • Ensure tax and audit requirements are met
  • Adhere to legal and compliance obligations
  • Advise on pensions and benefits
  • Provide objective and real advice

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