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A CA, Chartered Accountant and a CPA, Certified Practising Accountant are the titles used to refer to accountants who have passed rigorous CA or CPA exams. With continuous education and training, CAs and CPAs are regarded at the highest level in the accounting industry.

A versatile credential for both business and personal accountants, both CAs and CPAs are highly regarded amongst peers and clients.

Even if you do have a basic understanding of accounting, you’ll soon discover invaluable information from a qualified small business accountant like Melbourne’s Bruce Edmunds & Associates.

A CA or CPA from Bruce Edmunds & Associates can help your business or personal finances, including:

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Certified practising accountant Melbourne

When seeking financial and accounting services, clients look to qualified people to manage and maintain healthy business and personal finances.

Our CAs and CPAs are on top of any changing laws or taxation obligations, and are great for those who are self-employed. We can find ways to minimise tax that might have otherwise gone unnoticed or overlooked. Remove the risk of making a mistake or not declaring something important, resulting in a tax audit, with the professional help of a highly coveted CA or CPA.

Do you know what tax forms you need to fill out, and when they are due? A CA or CPA will never miss a deadline, ensuring your business stays ATO- and tax-compliant at all times. We can also help with general bookkeeping tasks like employee payroll, receipts, bill payments, and more.

A Bruce Edmunds CA or CPA develops great relationships with his or her clients, while setting long-term, achievable, measurable goals. We’re great communicators, so we’re always in touch and comparable to your specific business goals.

At Bruce Edmunds, our diverse team includes certified accountants with a wide variety of industry experience. No matter the size of your business, our team of certified accountants in Melbourne are ready to help better manage, control and improve your finances.

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