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Many people choose to engage the work of a personal accountant if they become overwhelmed at tax time when receiving income from multiple sources or when it comes to deductions or allowances. But did you also know that many people are settling for basic tax returns, due to simply a limited understanding of tax?

A personal accountant has an in-depth understanding of Australian taxation law, requirements, obligations, and operations. They’ll find you deductions you didn’t know even existed.

A personal accountant ensures your accounts and finances remain well organised, categorised, and summarised. Your personal accountant will help you out with:

  • Tax preparation
  • Tax advising
  • Tax audits
  • Budgeting
  • ATO compliance
  • Your business structure
  • Financial statements

A Bruce Edmunds & Associates personal accountant will help maximise your return at tax time and ensure all documents are lodged on time. Pricing is dependent on the specific services you require. Give us a call and let us know your current situation, circumstances, and needs, and we can let you know how we can help out! Request a call using the button below.

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Financial advisor

We’ll develop long-term strategies geared towards financial success and steer your business through a range of personal finance opportunities.

Your financial advisor offers personal and scaled advice – advice for your whole financial situation or particular aspects like shares or insurance. The planning process is focused on fulfilling your lifestyle and financial goals.

Bruce Edmunds’ financial advisors are highly experienced and meticulous, and we work closely with you at all times to fulfil goals, requirements, and obligations.

Below is a list of personal accounting services offered by Bruce Edmunds.

Personal tax

A daunting time for most, personal (or ‘individual’) tax is a simple task once we step in. Learn more about personal tax here.

Financial planning

Determine both short and long-term business financial goals with Bruce Edmunds. Find out more about our financial planning services.

Estate planning

Estate planning can get complicated. It’s crucial to seek qualified advice, regardless of your estate’s size.

Tax wealth accountant

The structure of your finances can directly affect your personal wealth. Find out how a tax wealth accountant can better optimise your finances.

Wills and succession planning

Often something we don’t like to think about, but you must be prepared and plan ahead. Learn more about Bruce Edmunds wills and succession planning.

Power of attorney

Find out how Bruce Edmunds helps you appoint a power of attorney to act on your behalf.

SMSF accountant, Beaumaris, Melbourne

In a self-managed super fund (SMSF), members are also trustees of the fund. We ensure you understand the responsibilities you face as a trustee of your own self-managed super fund

Find out more about SMSF guidance in Beaumaris, Melbourne.

BE with us

Andrew Rumsey B.Bus (Accounting) CA

Business Accounting - Senior Manager

Andrew comes to our firm having worked at a mid-tier Melbourne firm. As a Chartered Accountant Andrew advises on a wide variety of business.

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Melissa Then B. Com (Accounting & Finance) CA

Business Accounting - Senior Accountant

Melissa was with the firm from July 2007 to December 2010, and returned in July 2013 & works full time.

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