Tax Wealth Accountant

A Bruce Edmunds tax wealth accountant will help you set achievable and smart goals for your retirement. We look at the factors that most powerfully influence the achievement of your goals.

These include:

  • What tax position best suits you
  • Your wealth plan
  • Your business and investment structure
Tax wealth accountant

We aim to maximise benefits while minimising the tax cost on your personal wealth. A wealth plan is not just about saving; it is about risk control and tax savings in covering risk.

What’s involved in your wealth plan?

There are many components of a wealth plan, and there is, of course, no single way to define one.

Depending on specific circumstances like your job and assets, your wealth plan may involve:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investment profile
  • Insurance
  • Financial liabilities
  • Trust accounts

A good tax wealth accountant takes the time to understand your needs and prepare you for financial independence.

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Wealth advisor

A wealth advisor protects your assets and helps organise finances in a profitable and meaningful way.

The key is meticulous planning. Your wealth is yours for the long-term. A durable strategy from your wealth advisor is needed to see you through to and past retirement.

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