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When you choose Bruce Edmunds & Associates to manage your business accounting, you’re selecting an ally that creates a better business environment for you and your team.

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Competent and professional accounting is vital for any small business: how can you track the success of your business if your accounting and finances are a mess? Without monitoring and tracking, you won’t be able to see how your business sits in terms of income and expenses.

Accounting services also keep payroll in check, so you know what you owe, who you owe it to, and what repayments and recurring bills you have.

All of this knowledge helps you to budget in order to grow and sustain a business effectively, and beyond complying with the law, you can find out the exact success of your business.

The importance of business accounting

If we want to do business, trades, or engage in commerce of any kind, we need to have systematic ways to record and keep track of all sorts of exchanges.

This is a practice that’s been going on long before advanced and sophisticated technology began to help us out.

To put it simply, business accounting tells you how much you’ve spent (“outflow”) versus how much you’ve made (“inflow”), thus essentially determining the success of a business.

Accounting software engaged by Bruce Edmunds is an incredibly valuable tool that helps to manage a business’s financial accounts. Xero, MYOB Banklink, and Reckon are just some of the most trusted accounting software in the world that Bruce Edmunds uses to manage your business’s finances. These cloud-based programs are an advanced way to handle a business’s books.

How our business accountants help

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is attempting to perform their own accounting.

While we understand that you want to keep a close eye on every facet of your business, the risks are simply too great.

In particular, a business accountant in Melbourne can help you by looking after…

Business tax returns
BAS and IAS returns
Business accounting

Business tax returns

Filing a tax return can be challenging, especially when it comes to your business.

There are so many different taxes, deductions, and allowances that mistakes and errors are a common presence in many business tax returns.

This in turn can result in your business being hit with a penalty.

Avoid errors in your business tax return by putting it in the hands of a professional.

In addition to ensuring that your tax returns are accurate, our business tax accountants ensure that you receive all the deductions and allowances you’re eligible for, maximising your tax return.

BAS and IAS returns

Accurate and timely BAS and IAS statements are important parts of business tax accounting.

They serve as a record for all the GST your business collects, and the PAYG your business withholds throughout the quarter or month.

Our highly experienced team ensures that your BAS and IAS lodgements comply with the ATO’s regulations and paint an accurate and timely picture of your GST and PAYG obligations.

In addition to helping you avoid a fine or penalty, our business tax accountants also ensure that your GST credits are accurately recorded.

Business accounting

In addition to providing you a big-picture view of your business’ current position, a business accountant in Melbourne can also help you plan for the future.

They’ll be able to provide advice about the direction your business is going, and help you stay on-track.

Additionally, each new financial year comes with new taxes and levies, as well as changes to current tax rates and exemptions.

Keeping up-to-date with these while running a business can be hard – a business accountant like Bruce Edmunds keeps on top of these changes for you, helping you avoid any surprises.

Organise a consultation with an experienced accountant…

Small and medium business accounting
Bruce Edmunds business accountants

Small and medium business accounting

Since 1966, Bruce Edmunds has worked with businesses of all sizes.

We are passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses reach their full potential by providing comprehensive financial and accounting services.

We form close partnerships with clients, creating a prosperous and progressive cooperative environment.

At Bruce Edmunds & Associates, you’ll find a team that’s eager to see you succeed.

By providing assistance during key times (like tax time) as well as throughout the year, we aim to manage and improve the overall financial health of your business.

Our team of professional accountants and financial planners take the stress of accounting off your shoulders.

We eliminate financial stress and confusion by handling the figures for you and helping you plan for your business’ future.

In addition to saving you a lot of stress, accurate business accounting helps you to distribute time commitments, funds, and energy more effectively. Find out more about small business accounting here.

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Bruce Edmunds business accountants

Bruce Edmunds & Associates hold your trust in high regard:
if you don’t trust us, then what’s the point?

That’s why honesty and transparency are two of the most important values that we uphold.

We follow a strict, value-based business ethic. You can be confident that each suggestion or piece of advice we offer you has been carefully considered, with the benefits to you weighed up against potential negatives.

As our partnership with you is built on trust, we maintain a healthy and professional working relationship.

Our team of business accountants ensure your private and sensitive data remains confidential.

Our business accountants and financial planners hail from all backgrounds and walks of life, allowing us to service all manner of individual, business and community organisation.

No matter your unique needs, you’ll be able to find someone at Bruce Edmunds who speaks your language.

Bruce Edmunds business accountants

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